A Blessing Gem is a special gem that comes in a Recipe in Tak the Great Juju Challenge. It is a very important item in the game, which is used to strengthen Tak and Lok. Blessing Gems are purple in color. There are many Blessing Gems in the game. Blessing Gems are obtained by finding a Recipe, or completing a Side Quest's challenge. The gems can strengthen three things: Health, Mana, and Weapon. To place a Blessing Gem, go to the Juju Realm and go to where all areas connect. Here, there should be a pot-like thing that has a blue light coming out of it. Press circle to enter a piece of paper. Turn the paper left or right using the analog stick and press the jump button a Blessing Gem. You will have a picture of Tak and Lok smiling. You can place the gem in their chest, weapon or head. The game will tell you what power you are strengthening. Placing a Blessing Gem in Health strengthens your player's health. Placing a Blessing Gem in Mana, which you may not understand, increases the amount of times your player can use a Spell. Placing a Blessing Gem in Weapon strengthens your players weapon (Lok) and magic (Tak). It sounds cool, but a Recipe is not easy to find. Try searching around your level for a Recipe.