Tak has fired a Cannonball from a Cannon.

Cannons are obstacles in Tak the Great Juju Challenge. They are cannons in a cracked egg-shaped underside. Cannons seem to float in the air. By pressing the Jump button, one can man a Cannon. Press the attack button to shoot. Cannons appear in Temple of Light, Kiro Biro, Parchlands, The Deepwood and Ambush Grove. They are very common obstacles. Cannons are very powerful weapons, as for a shot Cannonball takes off a lot of health from the player who got hit. Cannons are used to defeat enemies, or break hanging stalactite-like objects (Temple of Light) and rocks that block the path. In Ambush Grove, you had to defeat Fire Rokkers with it. The Fire Rokkers' attacks would cause the Cannon to turn red and be unable to be used. By touching a Cannon at this point will knock you back, and make you lose health. Also, by shooting the ground (Ambush Grove only), will also cause the cannon to turn red. In Kiro Biro and The Deepwood, there were parts where one teammate was performing an action far away from the other teammate. That meant that the player had to control both the Cannon and the teammate. A white circle acts as your aiming thing. By controlling the Cannon, you can move the white circle and shoot at your targets.