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Lok chanting on a Chanting Stone.

Chanting Stones are obstacles in Tak the Great Juju Challenge. It is a cylindrical-shaped obstacle with a blue pad in front of it. Chanting Stones can be found in Caster's Hill (first introduced there), Parchlands, and Obocodobo Crypt. As you can see, they are very rare obstacles, however they appear many times in those levels. This is excluding Obocodobo Crypt, where there is only one. To use a Chanting Stone, step on the blue pad, and press the triangle button (PS2 only). Two buttons on the controller will pop up. Press those two buttons to make four more buttons appear. Press them quickly, and repeat the process. There is a blue meter (as seen in the picture to the far right) that fills its way up as you do it correctly. It depletes if you press a wrong button, or if you are not too quick in pressing the buttons. However, once the meter fills up, usually a new path across a gap is revealed. In Obocodobo Crypt, this turns the water into ice so that Lok can cross. Each time you press a correct button, your character performs an action and says something in the "Pupanunu" language. For example Tak may say "Oma, Oma!" as well as some other quotes. Only in Obocodobo Crypt you are able to get past a Chanting Stone without using it.