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Tak carrying an Explosive Barrel.

Explosive Barrels are obstacles in Tak the Great Juju Challenge. They look like regular barrels, but when they are attacked or collide into something they explode. If you are caught in the explosion, you lose health. Explosive Barrels are at first never there, but appear in a purple gas with green leaves. Tak can carry an Explosive Barrel, but is slower than Lok and cannot jump (as seen in the picture). Lok can carry and throw a Barrel with ease, so it is best to use Lok for the job. Near the end of the game, Tak earns a Barrel spell. With this spell, Tak can summon an Explosive Barrel to use without using other ones. Barrels may be considered weak towards enemies, since it takes multiple explosions to defeat the weakest enemy (Regular Rokker). However, Barrels do take off a lot of health from the player if caught in an explosion. However, they can be weak against the player too, if he adds Blessing Gems to his health. Barrels are very common; they appear in nearly every level, as for they are needed to advance.