Tak in the Juju Realm.

The Juju Realm is a place in Tak the Great Juju Challenge. It serves as the hub of the game. The Juju Realm is where players can access different levels, worlds, and Proving Grounds. The Juju Realm is a cloudy place. Worlds connect to the main platform of the Realm. Levels are inside them, and Proving Ground Warps are in the middle of the Realm. The first World is a large group of stones. The second World is a broken, twisted staircase. The third world is at first four platforms, then a long path encircling the main platform, up and up and up. The fourth world is a twisted pathway. Between the entrance to the worlds are mini Torches that have a different colored flame. Above the Proving Ground Warp, is a giant chart that shows all teams' scores. The Juju Realm is where players can access and use Blessing Gems. There are no enemies in the Juju Realm, so you can relax or fool around (die constantly, fight your teammate, etc).