Lok as seen standing.

Lok is one of the main characters in

Tak the Great Juju Challenge along with Tak. He is a very strong, muscular character who is voiced by Patrick Warburton. Lok is a very immature behaved character, who cries for his mom in the dark, says a weird sort of speech that freaks out the Moon Juju and more. Lok carries a huge mallet he uses to defeat enemies. It can get stronger if you put Blessing Gems inside it. At the ending of the game, Crug gives Lok a hammer so strong, it can defeat many enemies in one hit. Lok is strong enough to pick up Tak and throw him to higher places. You must use this tactic at certain points. Lok can climb vines, but cannot swim. He starts off with no spells at all, but as you progress through the game, you earn them. Lok's Heal spell, causes him to gain more health, and works with Tak also if he is near him. Like the Heal spell, Lok's Shield spell, causes him to create a shield around him, which protects him from being hurt, and works with Tak if he is near him. Lok can push Tak around with his mallet, and he is harder to flinch than Tak. Lok loses health slower than Tak, probably because he is bigger. Lok has a huge crush on the Grammazons, but it doesn't bother Tak.