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Tak on a Mammoth.

Mammoths are animal characters encountered in

Tak the Great Juju Challenge. They are huge, green Mammoths that first appear in Parchlands. Mammoths, along with Rhinos, can be ridden around to defeat enemies, break vines, and much more. Unlike Rhinos, Mammoths do attack if you attack. If you hit their nose, they'll push you away with a nose attack, which does make you lose a lot of health. Second, if you Ground Pound near them, they'll Ground Pound. This takes little health away from you, meaning it is not as powerful as the nose attack. However, if you continuously attack the Mammoth on its nose, you will realize it only does a nose attack on one side. That means that you can be on one side and the other character on the other, and if you hit the Mammoth on its nose continuously, it will only perform the nose attack on one side. Unlike Rhinos, Mammoths are very rare, and only appear in Parchlands and Ambush Grove. Rhinos and Mammoths never appear together, one is in one place and the other in another.