Some Green Prickly Vines behind Tak.

A Prickly Vine is a damaging obstacle in Tak the Great Juju Challenge. It is a tall vine covered in spikes that usually has its tip pointing out. Prickly Vines are usually brown in color, but some are green as shown in the picture. A Prickly Vine damages the player when touched. It slowly depletes the players health when touched (much like Darts). Prickly Vines must be avoided when the player has little health or the player will die. Tak and Lok usually say something when they touch a Prickly Vine (see Quotes). Rhinos and Mammoths, however, can destroy a Prickly Vine, so look for them when you are around an "army" of Prickly Vines. By the way, a Prickly Vine appears in every level.