The Quotes are a list of the sayings of Tak and Lok in Tak the Great Juju Challenge. Tak and Lok mostly talk in cutscenes, but talk also during gameplay. If Tak and Lok fight each other, they will talk a lot. You also hear them saying something when swinging down vines, or landing on the ground from high jumps.

Tak QuotesEdit

  • Will you quit it? (Fighting)
  • Bring it on big man! (Fighting)
  • Ding! (when landed on the floor from a high jump or ground pound)
  • Deeg! (after Tak has landed on ground from high jump/fighting)
  • Yaaah! (when being knocked far/fighting)
  • Get off a me! (Fighting)
  • Ooolp! (landing on the ground from a high jump or ground pound, being sucked by Sand Monster)
  • Woooooohhh! (Falling into an abyss)
  • Weehoo! (swinging down vine)
  • Weee! (swinging down vine)
  • You're outta here! (after Tak has killed an enemy)
  • Goodbye! (after Tak has defeated an enemy)
  • Tak Smash Attack! (after Tak has defeated an enemy)
  • See ya! (after Tak has defeated an enemy)
  • Oh ma, Oh ma! (Chanting Stone sound)
  • Oooby Hooby Hooba! Oooby Hooby Hooba! (Chanting Stone)
  • Baramus Maximus! (Barrel Spell)
  • Get over here (Grapnel spell)
  • Isss Spoogy Ooogy! (Spirit Spell)
  • Time for some Boom Boom! (Barrel Spell)
  • Get over here Lok( Calling Lok)
  • Uhh, Get over here Lok (calling Lok)
  • Stay here! (stopping Lok)
  • DON'T MOVE! (stopping Lok)
  • Right away Lok! (after Lok has called Tak)
  • I'm on my way! (more serious, after Lok has called Tak)
  • I'm on my way! (cool, slightly gangsta way which is heard after Lok has called Tak)
  • Hoodalo! (it sounds so, may not be, this is the saying Tak says when he's just died)
  • Rappo Zappo! (Grapnel Spell)
  • I can't get over there Lok! (being left behind in a place Tak cannot follow.)

Lok QuotesEdit

  • Knock it off! (Fighting)
  • Ouch! (landing from a high ground, fighting)
  • Waha! (swinging down vine)
  • OH! OH! OH! Don't mess with me! (fighting)
  • Ouch! (silently)-fighting, landing from high jump
  • Aaaaah! (falling into the abyss)
  • Ahhhhh! (Lok's dying sound, the sound Lok makes when he's just died).
  • Ha Ha Ha! Let it rip! (Stink Spell)
  • La La La La La! (Heal Spell)
  • Ha Ha Ha! You don't hurt me! (Shield Spell)
  • Uh, let it rip! (Stink Spell)
  • Hey! You! Over here! (Taunt Spell)
  • Hey Tak! Over here! (calling Tak)
  • The Lok is alone! Mmmhmm! (after Tak has stopped Lok)
  • Got cha ! (after Tak has stopped Lok)
  • Coming! Gosh! (after Tak has called Lok)
  • Coming! (after Tak has stopped Lok)
  • Stay here, I'll go on ahead. (stopping Tak)
  • Tak, get over here now! (calling Tak)
  • Ooolp! (being sucked by Sand Monster)
  • I can't get to you Tak. (being left behind, usually when Tak crosses over water)

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