A Switch is a common obstacle in Tak the Great Juju Challenge. It is used to activate something or make something appear that wasn't there before. A Switch usually has a design that gives the player a hint of what it does. Switches are not activated by hitting them like in most games. Instead, the player must jump on a switch to activate it. Most of the time, the player must jump and stand on the switch to keep it activated. Other times, the player doesn't have to worry.

Types of SwitchesEdit

Star SwitchEdit

A switch that has a starfish (or star) on it. Such switches appear in Silver Stone Coast, Ambush Grove and more. When this switch is stepped on, a large, brown, star-shaped platform appears. the player must usually stand on these switches, or they are deactivated. These platforms are used as bridges, rides, etc.

Shark Head SwitchEdit

This is a switch with a shark's head on it. Such switches appear in Silver Stone Coast, Kiro Biro mostly, and more. When this switch is stepped on, a Shark Head appears or a Shark Head is activated to tremble and crush whoever steps onto it, thus killing the player (only in Silver Stone Coast).

Spiral SwitchEdit

This is a switch that has a spiral design on it. It appears in Temple of Light mostly. It usually causes a platform to appear with a loud noise when stepped on.

Other SwitchesEdit

There are some switches which can cause Warp Circles to appear, break rocks blocking paths and more, but such switches are very rare.


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