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A Torch behind Tak and the Mammoth.

Torches are obstacles in Tak the Great Juju Challenge. They are tall, brown torches that have a sparkle surrounding the top of them (when not lit). Torches serve as the checkpoints of a level. Most of the time, players cannot proceed without lighting a torch, but at times, you can get past a torch without lighting it. However, if you die, you'll reappear at the last checkpoint you activated. To light a torch, simply near it and it will light. There are times when the game tells you "Feather must be lit to activate checkpoint" meaning something you went through put out your feather. Either get the other teammate to light it, or skip it (if you can). The game also introduces tall torches. To reach them, let Lok throw Tak up to it, since the two cannot jump to it. If there is a some sort of stool nearby, use it to reach the torch, without having to throw Tak. By lighting certain torches may cause rocks or other things blocking the path to be destroyed. Then players can move on. Torches cannot be found in the Juju Realm.