Warp Circles, or Warps, are 2D obstacles in Tak the Great Juju Challenge. They are 2D turquoise circles with a circular arch over them. They appear in every level and the Juju Realm. They play a role as a checkpoint or a type of transportation to a different part of the level like Doors in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Holes in Super Mario Sunshine, Lights in Midnight Club DUB Edition Remix, etc. They are not as common as Torches, however. It usually takes a while to get to these. Touching a Warp Circle makes you get sucked into it and appear at a different part of the level. Touching them gives you a 200 second time bonus. In the Juju Realm, they are used to enter a level or Proving Grounds. As you can see, Warp Circles are very important obstacles. A sub type of Warp Circle is a Side Quest which takes you to a game in a level. A Side Quest's Warp Circle is yellowish pink.

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